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Free Standing Payment Kiosk 

A freestanding touch kiosk is an independent digital terminal device with the following characteristics:

Freestanding Support: It is not fixed to a wall or other surface, but rather stands independently on a base, allowing it to be flexibly placed in various spatial environments.

Touch Interaction: The device is equipped with a large touchscreen, enabling users to directly interact with the screen using their fingers for information lookup, operation, and other interactions.

Multifunctionality: In addition to the touchscreen, the kiosk may also be equipped with scanners, printers, and other additional devices to expand its functionalities and application scenarios.

Eye-catching Presence: The independent, upright design combined with the large screen makes the freestanding touch kiosk particularly noticeable in public spaces, effectively drawing people's attention.

Customizability: The appearance, size, and internal hardware of the kiosk can be customized and optimized according to specific requirements, meeting the usage needs of different scenarios.

This type of freestanding touch kiosk is typically applied in public areas such as shopping malls, airports, and exhibitions, providing visitors with convenient services like information lookup, navigation, and booking. It combines independence, interactivity, and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for implementing digital self-service solutions.

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